Recreational Cheerleading/Tumbling

Cole Academy is proud to offer recreational cheerleading classes for children to learn skills and have fun! There are also tumbling classes for all ability levels. Cheerleading and tumbling classes are not in our Christmas and Summer Recitals so therefore you can register and drop the enrollment at any time throughout the year. Our programs are coached by experienced coaches who promote self-confidence while helping them reach their potential through skill progressions and development..

Cheerleading classes, which combine cheers, tumbling, jumps, dance, and stunts are available throughout the week to children ages 5-10. The classes meet once a week and the class duration is 1 hour. There are a variety of tumbling class starting with cheer tumbling (beginner) then going into Level 1, Backhandspring Class, Level 2, Level 3, and Level 4 for all ages. For a full list of classes and times, please see our recreational class schedule. Private lessons are available- for more information or to register please contact us at (765) 284-0072 or