Twisters Gymnastics Team

The Cole Twisters travel around the State competing both individually and as a team. They go to about 10 meets per season. They also perform in our Christmas Show and June Recital. It has been a tradition over the years and our large audiences of up to 2,000 spectators always rave about the perfection and poise of the girls as they tumble across the stage. The Twisters also make an appearance at our Recreational Tumbling Meets held at Cole Academy. Many of our young students strive to be a Cole Twister one day.

Cole Twisters have started competing at a younger age than ever before. We have gymnasts as young as six years old that hit the competition mat with the confidence of a champion. We currently compete in USAG Levels 2-7 and have been consistently recognized at our Indiana State meets each year. We have strong developmental programs in place to ensure that each gymnast learns skills in the appropriate order and at the appropriate speed. We want to make sure they reach their full potential but do not sacrifice safety along the way. Twisters are coached by some of the best coaches in the region. There is a whole team of coaches dedicated to our gymnastics program. Their coaches share their love and passion for the sport with these young ladies at each and every practice. Team coaches are USAG certified and have had many years of training and experience. Feel free to read their biographies on our STAFF page.

Gymnasts spend 6-13 hours in the gym each week, depending on their age and level, to perfect their skills on floor, bars, beam, and vault. These girls are focused and determined. We have found that the qualities they are getting in the gym help them to become very intelligent, hardworking, and mentally strong young adults, far after their gymnastics days are over. They are a very close team and are extremely supportive of each other through both struggles and achievements. These talented young girls are role models for our many recreational gymnasts.

We, as a program, strive to get better and better with each season. Cole Academy has been a second home to hundreds and hundreds of competitive gymnasts over the years. We know that beyond the skills, they are learning beautiful life lessons from both the sport and the coaches themselves. We are very proud of our Cole Twisters Gymnastics Team and know that they will be around for many more years to come.

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